Monday, July 21, 2014

GunBlood 2 Most Wanted

Gunblood 2 flash game is an exciting new western gun game. This is a flash game but it is very simple and yet it is very addictive once you play it. This is one of those games where you could end up playing it for an hour or two. The 2 dimensional shooter western style design shows where the blood is spilled by the use of your gun. Can you defeat your opponent in time? Play this addictive shooter game here. You have the option of playing it on full screen mode by clicking here gun blood 2.


You can’t to win in this game? Do you need the gun blood cheat codes? Yes gun blood cheats codes are also available! These codes are available but it is up to you to win! When you use the gun blood cheats the game becomes a whole lot easier. You have cheat codes for ammunition, for extended life, for better accuracy and for how quick your draw is. Get the gunblood cheat codes for the game by clicking here! This is an exciting western style game that is fun to play. Just hold your nerves when you shoot. Remember by using the cheats for the game it will probably get a little dull for you. So give it a try without the cheat codes and enjoy playing GunBlood and the many other games on this site.


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Monday, November 25, 2013


Gunblood a new popular flash game online. No matter how the next generation consoles develop, flash games will always have the audience and gamers to enjoy in it. There are no blinded graphical details or massive multiplayer options, at all moments you know exactly what flash games are offering and what can you take from it. Gunblood is one of those games. The gameplay is very simple and pretty addictive as well, which is characteristic for flash games. Gunblood cheats are also available, but it is up to you whether or not to use them.

can't actually remember when I played a flash game only once. Usually there are several steps that follow. First you give a few tries before you actually get how the game functions. After that it is up to you. I spent nearly one hour playing Gunblood 2 without even thinking about the time. With the Gunblood cheats that are available, you can spend even more time playing it, but it is not that interesting then.

So what does Gunblood 2 actually offer for us? It is a classical 2-D shooter in western design where you must eliminate the other cowboy before he does the same to you. The duel is in a classical western manner. You need to hold your mouse on the cylinder of your gun and wait for three seconds. After time passes, you must direct your gun to the opponent and press the left mouse button to eliminate him. Your score depends on number of missed hits, place of hit and whether you have been hit yourself. Every round becomes harder as you progress, you will witness faster gunslingers. Gunblood is very similar to Happy Wheels game, because the game features scenes of blood and gore.  While progressing to different levels, you get breaks and some bonus games. You need to destroy the bottles being thrown at you or hit the bottles in the hands of the other character, without killing him. It is pretty funny and enjoyable experience in gunblood 2.

With Gunblood 2 cheats, the game becomes much easier. You have cheats for ammunition, life, accuracy and speed of drawing. By using cheats you are not allowed to post your score results online.
The graphics of the game is nothing special but still acceptable. There is plenty of blood and it justifies the game’s name gunblood.

Gunblood is pretty addictive shooter and you should check the game by all means. It is exciting and funny, just try to hold your nerves when you are eliminated by a headshot. I should mention that gunblood cheats are useful, but be carefully by using them, it may result in low appeal to the game.